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Have you ever wondered where some of the greatest places to fly fish for bass in North America are? I thought it would be cool to make a list of places to land these beauty bass. When you are planning that next fishing trip, remember to keep these places in mind! 

Fly fishing for bass is not an easy task, which is why anglers from around the world enjoy the thrill of catching them. They fight like you are in the ring with Mayweather, okay that might be an exaggeration, but bass are known to put up quite a fight. They are also quite tricky to get on in the first place. Many anglers prefer to use diverse types of lures to catch these sneaky fish, but there is nothing better than landing one off a fly rod. 

Largemouth and smallmouth bass are native to North America, you can normally find them in warmer waters which means southern Canada near the border or in the United States and Mexico. They thrive in both rivers and lakes, so which ever type of water you prefer, you can go after them.  


 Great places for fly fishing.

Lake of the Woods: 

This lake is quite large at about 110 km long and wide. The cool part about this lake is all the islands, I believe at last count there were more than 14,552 of them. The lake is situated in the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba, Canada, as well as the state of Minnesota. I am not sure who has the better accent of the two, I am thinking Fargo might win, but more importantly the bass fishing here does not disappoint. A large tournament called the Kenora Bass International is held every August. I would only suggest this lake to anglers that have a decent amount of skill as the lake is exceptionally large.  


Osoyoos Lake: 

The lake is in the Southern Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada, and Washington state of the United States. It is a beautiful area that I have enjoyed vacationing at numerous times. The bass fishing is incredible, and the lake is filled with many other species of fish, such as rainbow trout, sockeye salmon, carp, and others. Osoyoos is one of Canadas warmest climates, so you might not need to bring your parka coat. Notice I said might, in Canada you can be hit with 4 different seasons in a single day. You can expect to catch 3-to-6-pound bass out of this lake. There is about 20 kilometers (about twice the height of Mount Everest) of shoreline to fish so those of you that like to move around, can with ease.  


Clear Lake: 

Looking to land a trophy sized bass, look no further than Clear Lake in California. This place is home to bass ranging from 3-15 pounds. Imagine catching a 15-pound bass on a fly rod! Many competitive fishing events are held here every year. Bluegill, carp, crappie, and catfish are also in this lake. This lake is the second largest freshwater lake in the state. A guy by the name of Jerry caught the largest bass back in 1990, it weighed 17.52 pounds. If it were not recorded, it would easily go down as one of dads old fishing stories... The lake is stocked with both Florida and northern strains of bass, making the quality top notch. 



St. Johns River: 

Who does not like a trip to the sunshine state? The St. Johns River is in the state of Florida, United States. This river makes up about 310 miles of waterways spanning from Brevard County to Jacksonville. Multiple lakes are connected to this river, such as Crescent Lake, Lake Harney, Lake Monroe, and Lake George. Bassmaster is a professional bass fishing tournament that is held on the St. Johns River. Remember to look for fallen trees, docks and other things that provide cover. These will be the best places to get one of these tournament winning bass on the end of your fly line.  


Lake Shasta: 

Shasta Lake is the largest reservoir in the state of California, United States, spanning 30,000 acres. It is located about 10 miles north of the city of Redding. You may have to look out for those crazy water skiers when you are out fishing, but trust me, this lake will not disappoint. Not only does this lake provide the opportunity to catch some beautiful bass, but it is also stocked with two of my favorite types of trout, rainbow trout and brown trout. The FLW and Wild West Bass Trail fishing tournaments are held at Lake Shasta. Because the lake is so deep, it is home to both warm water and cold-water fish species. Depending on your skill level, you could be looking at catching upwards of 10-20 bass a day. Spotted bass are going to be your most common catch in this lake, coming in around 1-2 pounds on average.  


Russian River: 

The Russian River is located near San Francisco, California, United States. Largemouth, smallmouth, and striped bass can be found in this river. If you are thinking a summer trip, then bass will be what is biting. The great part about this river is that you can fish from shore or a boat. Personally, I am a huge fan of waders, but the old drift boat serves its purpose. Keep in mind with this river that you cannot fish any of its tributaries, we do not need any trouble out there! One of the best spots to fish this river is at Wohler Bridge. The bridge is located between Forestville and Healdsburg. Most of the bass will be found at the middle and lower reaches of the river between the spring and summer months.  


Lake of the Ozarks: 

This lake sounds a little mysterious! Lake of the Ozarks is located in central Missouri, United States. The lakes’ odd serpentine shape gave it the nickname, Puff The Magic Dragon, I am not making this up. Spotted Kentucky bass and my favorite eating fish walleye are only a few of the many species of fish in this lake. I would suggest planning your fishing trip for May and early June. The coolest part about this lake is the clarity of water that it offers.  


Lake Picachos: 

Do you like Mexico as much as I do? Then you will want to head down to Lake Picachos near Mazatlan, Mexico. Mazatlan is on the Pacific side. The average size of bass in this lake ranges from 2-5 pounds, but the lake is filled with them! I believe the lake record is 12 pounds, so for all the dreamers out there, dream on. Fishing in Mexico is always a fun time, and this lake won’t disappoint. People are catching upwards of 100 bass a day out of Lake Picachos.  


Other great places to fish for bass.

There are many wonderful places to fish for bass in North America. I like to take a few trips every year to go after these feisty fish that are nothing short of an awesome fishing challenge each and every time. My personal favorite flies to use are the following: 

  • Clouser Minnow 
  • Surface Poppers and Bugs 
  • Sneaky Pete 
  • Bubblicious 
  • Dragonfly 
  • Hair Bass Bug 


Keep tuned into our Zinger Fishing blog for more information on fishing tips, great places to fish and most importantly, the tackle to help you get more fish in your net.