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Beaver Lake Fishing Near Caroline Alberta


If you are looking for a great spot to head out fly fishing or spinner fishing, Beaver Lake is perfect. It is a hidden gem that fly fishing anglers target daily. A few of us from Zinger Fishing headed out to Beaver Lake this week and we had a great time. We caught 7 tiger trout and 3 rainbows, all within a few hours. 



Where is Beaver Lake?

There are two or more Beaver Lakes in Alberta, but the one we are referencing in this blog is situated 10 minutes SW of Caroline or 1 hour and 10 minutes SW of Red Deer.

Google Location for Beaver Lake


Is Beaver Lake a small or large lake?

Small. The lake is perfect for small boats with an electric motor, belly boats, kayaks, and other flotation devices.

The lake is open from April 1 to November 30 and as of right now, it is a catch and release lake with a bait ban on.

There is a boat launch area and plenty of parking situated near the lake and on top of the small hill.


Can you fish from the shore?

Yes, near the parking area is good for fishing from the shore. The rest of the lake isn’t the best for shore fishing. If you can take some sort of boat, you will have better luck on this lake.


What type of fish are in Beaver Lake?

Tiger and rainbow trout are bountiful in this small lake. The tiger trout have the coolest pattern on them, and they are fun to catch. Most anglers like to search out browns, bulls, brooks, and rainbows, but tiger trout are right in there for me.

The trout in Beaver Lake can get pretty large, so don’t be surprised if you pull out a 5 pounder.


What lures work best?

I have fished this lake many times over the last 20 years. 5 of diamonds is my go-to spinner, but I have had luck with lots of bright colored spinners. I would stay away from the darker patterns.


What fly patterns work best?

If there is a hatch on, you will want to do your best at matching the hatch.

Depending on what type of flies you like to use, these are what I suggest:


Is there a specific spot in the lake to target the fish?

The lake is quite small, but I do find that around the edges of the lake are better than the middle. There are lots of weeds around the edges and fish like to hide in them. Constantly having to take weeds off your hooks can be a pain, but you should catch more fish.

We pulled out a nice rainbow near the island this week.


Is there camping at Beaver Lake?

Beaver Lake is a day use area only, but there is Burnstick Lake Campground a few minutes down the road.



A day trip to Beaver Lake or a camping trip to the area makes for a great fishing adventure. Everyone seems to catch fish and enjoy themselves at this lake so it's sure to not disappoint. A short drive from Red Deer is well worth it. Good luck out there!


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