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Best Fly Fishing Apps (2021)


Technology has changed our world and it continues to do so. Fish finders and cameras, logging GPS points of your favorite fishing hole on the lake, all the upgrades regarding fly fishing gear, and everything else has made fishing easier and more enjoyable.  

Fishing apps are the cool new way for anglers to share their stories with others, log your catches so you can always know what your PB (personal best) is, find the best fishing holes, know what hooks to use, check out the latest fishing reports, weather conditions and more.  

I personally started using fishing apps about three years ago and I have been a die hard fan ever since. There are a few good ones on the market that offer different features that you need to know about. This article will break down the app's main features, their review ratings, and the cost of the app. 

Let’s get started! 


List of the Best Fishing Apps 



FishAngler is currently the highest rated fishing app in the app store. There are plenty of cool features that this app offers. Discover new fishing spots, get real-time fishing forecasts, know what bait to use, map layers, catch stats, and find the best times to hit the water.  

The main features of the FishAngler app are: 

  • Explore GPS fishing maps with millions of catches logged 
  • Find the best times to catch fish with the cool fishing forecast 
  • Log and track your catches with over 45 catch attributes including real time weather conditions 
  • Connect with other fly fishing anglers, get fishing tips, and show off your catches 
  • Choose to share your catch information or keep it private if you prefer 
  • Stop the guessing and see the best baits and lures used to catch specific types of fish near you 

FishAngler has a 4.7-star rating with 739 reviews. 

The app is currently free of charge.  




Fishbrain is very similar to FishAngler and they also have a similar review rating. Millions of anglers use this app every day to help them catch more fish.  

The main features of the Fishbrain app are: 

  • Get advice from expert anglers about different fishing locations, tactics, and gear. You can also share your own tips 
  • Join fishing conversations in groups or just one-on-one 
  • Know the top fishing gear to use 
  • Log your personal fishing history and know what you caught with the species recognition tool 
  • See where the fish are biting and what to use 
  • Look at local maps to find nearby fishing spots, bait shops, boat ramps, and more 

Fishbrain has a 4.5-star rating with 1,200 reviews.  

The app is currently free of charge, but there is a pro version available. 



Fishing Knots 

The Fishing Knots app is for training you on how to tie the right knot for the right situation. In the app you will be able to learn which knots to use for binding two fishing lines, tying leads, attaching large and small hooks, baits, lures, swivels, and even how to tie up a boat to the dock.  

The app will describe in detail the properties of the knots, the estimation of the strength reduction for the knot, and which fishing line to use. The step-by-step guide is perfect and easy to follow along.  

Cool features of this app are: 

  • The maximum number of knots used by anglers 
  • Great graphics that are simple and easy to follow 
  • The app can run without an internet connection in case you are venturing into the wilderness 
  • Easy to use interface 

Fishing Knots has a 4.6-star rating with 938 reviews. 

The app is currently free of charge. 




The Windy app is directed at providing you the best wind and weather forecasts. I believe it would be better suited for saltwater fly fishing, but it can still be used for freshwater fishing. The moon phase is pretty sweet, so be sure to check this app out if you want more detailed weather reports. 

The main features of this app are: 

  • Accurate wind compass 
  • Wind alerts 
  • Weather history. This would be a handy tool for planning fishing trips 
  • Local forecast 
  • Wave forecast 

Windy has a 4.6-star rating and 5,900 reviews. 

The app is free for basic functions, but $60.99/year for full access. You can try it free for 1 week. 



Fly Fishing Simulator 

The Fly Fishing Simulator app is a first person, photographic simulation of fly fishing. This is actually a pretty fun app if you like to play games on your phone to kill time. Believe it or not, you can even learn a thing or two from this app. 

The key features of the app: 

  • Realistic casting with direct rod and line control 
  • 165 different fishing sites on 27 rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes 
  • Realistic current, fish striking and fighting  
  • More than 160 fly patterns from nymphs to streamers, terrestrials, and dries 
  • Hatch check feature that lets you examine insects that the fish might be feeding on 
  • Strike indicators and split shot for subsurface fly fishing 
  • Virtual fishing guide to help you with casting and fly selection 

The Fly Fishing Simulator app has a 4.3-star rating with 132 ratings. 

The app is free, but there are in app purchases for better gear and what not. 


Final Thoughts 

There are quite a few fishing apps available, but they all seem to offer the same or similar functions. Some are more directed to fishing overall and others are for ocean fishing. I would suggest FishAngler to anyone that is just getting started with a fishing app.  

Fishing apps take your game to the next level. Recording your catches, taking pictures, saving GPS locations of those hot spots, and making sure to fish when the weather is just right are all key components to bettering your experience.  

Last winter I was doing some ice fishing with my cousin on Sylvan Lake for whitefish. We caught a ton of fish, and I made a mental note of where we were. Two days later, I went back and couldn’t find the exact spot for the life of me. That was the last time I didn’t use the trusty app! 


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