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Fly Fishing Assortment Fly Kits


Whether you are an experienced fly fishing angler or you are new to the sport, you know that fly fishing can be quite expensive. There are two main reasons why buying a fly fishing assortment kit is a good idea. The value and the simplicity of growing your fly collection.

In this blog we will touch on the following:

  • what to look for when purchasing fly assortment kits
  • the savings you can be looking at
  • where you can buy quality kits
  • what flies work best for trout and other fish species
  • fly cases and why they matter

Let’s dive in!


Why should I buy a case of assorted flies?

When you are out on the water, sometimes the first fly you use will be the one that fish go nuts for. Other days, you will have to tie on fly after fly as the fish just won’t strike. Having a large number of different flies and sizes will help your chances of being able to find one that the fish will strike.

There are natural insect hatches that happen in and on the surface of the water. Fly fishing anglers try to match their fly pattern to that of the natural insect. They do this because the fish will be feeding on the natural insects and if the angler’s fly resembles the natural, they will have a greater chance of a fish striking their fly.

Having a large number of flies will help your chances to match the hatch. If you buy assortment kits, they can have a large number of different fly patterns, so it helps to grow your fly arsenal.

Another great reason is that flies cost quite a bit when you buy them individually. In the fly assortment kits, you will get the flies for much cheaper.


What kind of savings am I looking at with fly assortment kits?

If you head to your local fly shop, you can expect to pay between $2.50 to $4.00 per average fly of decent quality. If you shop online, you can find individual flies for cheaper, but you have to keep in mind that the quality might not be as good online. For instance, many flies at the large retail websites sell very low quality flies from China. They are random sizes, crazy colors, and fall apart easily.

A quality fly will hold up better when fish bite them, or when they hit rocks and trees. Quality flies are also made with expensive fibers that help the fly to look natural and if they are made from elk or deer hair, it will help the fly to float.

Quality flies will help you catch fish compared to poorly made ones.

Zinger Fishing sells high quality hand tied flies through their online store. Most of the individual flies are $1.99 CAD each which is a great value. Zinger Fishing also offers fly assortment kits that have an even better value.

You end up paying around $1.50 per fly and you get a waterproof fly case for free. The cases range from $13.99 to $17.99.


What to look for when buying fly assortment kits?

  1. Quality – The flies should be of good quality or you are wasting your money.
  2. Value – How much are you saving from buying the kit versus individual flies.
  3. Fly Patterns – Is the case made up of good fly patterns that actually work for the fish that you are targeting?
  4. Fly Case – Is the case that the flies come in waterproof? Does the case of a clear lid so you can see which flies are in the case when you are out fishing? It takes time to open each case to see what is inside, this wasted time takes away from fishing. Clear lids are a must these days.
  5. Fly Sizes – The sizes of the flies are everything. If they are too big for the fish you target, your chances of landing fish in your landing net drop. If you buy from reputable fly fishing stores, they tailor the fly kits accordingly.
  6. Number of Flies – Does the case have enough flies that will actually make a difference with your arsenal? If the pack only has 20 flies, it won’t be increasing your chances of matching the hatch all that well.


What are some great fly kits?

Zinger Fishing makes high quality fly kits tailored to anglers fishing for trout, bass, salmon, whitefish, goldeye, walleye, sauger, and perch.

Currently, Zinger Fishing offers 3 different fly assortment kits.

121 Hand Tied Fly Fishing Nymphs with Waterproof Box


The 121 kit is made up of nymphs. This kit is tailored towards anglers that love fishing rivers. Nymphs are the main food source for fish, which makes nymph fly fishing so amazing. I would say that 75% of the fly fishing I do is with nymphs because of how many fish I can catch while using them, compared to dry fly fishing or using wet flies.

This 121 assortment kit sells for $179.99 CAD at the Zinger Fishing store.

The kit comes with 39 different fly patterns which drastically increases your chances at catching fish. Everything from Copper Johns, Pheasant Tails, Brassies, Water Boatman’s, Scuds, and many others.


75 Hand Tied Fly Fishing Flies Set with Waterproof Box


The 75 kit is perfect for anglers looking to increase their fly collection. It includes wet flies, hoppers, dry flies, streamers, and nymphs. The combination of flies is perfect for having a rounded balance of flies when you are out fly fishing. It is a great all around starter pack as well.

This 75 assortment kit sells for $119.99 CAD at the Zinger Fishing store.

The kit comes with 25 different fly patterns. World famous Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, Mosquitos, Woolly Buggers, and Hare’s Ear’s plus others are included.


60 Hand Tied Fly Fishing Flies with Waterproof Box


The 60 kit is the most sold kit that Zinger Fishing offers due to its cheap price and simple selection. It is filled with some of the world’s most popular flies, so it is perfect for the most experienced angler or someone just starting out. The fly patterns are what every angler needs in their collection.

This 60 assortment kit sells for $89.99 CAD at the Zinger Fishing Store.

The kit comes with 19 different fly patterns. Royal Coachman’s, Light Cahill’s, Blue Quill’s, Caddis, Pheasant Tails, Copper John’s, Hare’s Ear’s, Woolly Buggers, and many more are included.


Why do quality fly cases matter?

Good cases help to keep your flies organized, dry, and ease of use is a must to save time while out fishing.

If you spend any amount of time on the water, your fly case will likely go for a dip. A waterproof case will prevent your flies from getting wet.

As mentioned above, clear lids save time.

Most fly fishing anglers I know are throwing out the old bulky cases and going with the slim waterproof clear lid cases.


What fly patterns work best for trout?

I see so many different assortment kits for sale online that barely have any flies in them that would work for trout fishing. Anglers are always happy to catch fish, whatever species they might be, but most anglers go out in search for trout. It only makes sense that the assortment kits be filled with fly patterns that are proven to land trout and lots of them.

The fly patterns in the Zinger Fishing assorted kits are made for catching cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, steelhead, brown trout, brook trout, Dolly Varden Trout, Bull Trout, Golden Trout, Tiger Trout, and Lake Trout.


Conclusion when buying fly assortment kits

The fly kits will save you money and they will expand your fly collection. The larger the fly collection, the better chance of catching larger numbers of fish. Be mindful of where you are buying your fly assortment kits from. Quality hand tied flies are a must. No angler likes catching no fish! Good luck out there!


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