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Great Fly Fishing Gifts

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Are you doing a little shopping for a friend or family member that is into fly fishing? Picking the right gift can often be quite challenging, especially when it comes to something as niche as fly fishing. In this blog, I will cover a variety of different items that will make the perfect gift with direct links on where to buy them. 

When it comes to fly fishing, the gear can be quite expensive and to someone that doesn’t know much about fly fishing, it can seem like its own separate little world or language. I will help you quickly navigate this world to find the perfect gift. There are also plenty of smaller gifts that all anglers will use every time they go out on a fishing trip. 

Every fly fisher must use flies. There are only a few million different flies to choose from! Zinger Fishing had gift ideas in mind when they created their 2 different variety pack fly kits. Packed full of some of the most commonly used flies, these cases are perfect for new and experienced fly fishers.  



121 Piece Fly Kit 

picture of fly fishing case kit

This 121 Hand Tied Nymph Fly Kit that comes with the waterproof case is Zinger Fishing’s number 1 most sold item for gifts. The different flies that this case is full of will catch a variety of fish in most streams, rivers, and lakes. The kit retails for $179.99 CAD or $145.85 USD. 

Buying the variety kit offers savings of more than $80.00 CAD. 

The kit can be found here. 


75 Piece Fly Kit 

image of fly fishing kit

The second most sold item for gifts from Zinger Fishing is another variety kit. This 75 Hand Tied Fly Kit also comes with a waterproof case, and it is perfect for any angler looking to have a good variety of flies. The kit retails for $119.99 CAD or $97.23 USD. 

Buying the variety kit offers savings of more than $45.00 CAD. 

The kit can be found here. 



Flies are the single best gift idea as they are constantly used by every angler. If the above kits are out of your price range or you were thinking of something smaller, these flies below are some of the most common flies used. They can be purchased individually. 


Brass Head Woolly Bugger Fly 

image of woolly bugger fly

The Woolly Bugger retails for $1.99 CAD or $1.61 USD and the fly can be found here. 


Adams Fly 

image of adams fly

The Adams fly is one of the most used flies around the world today. It retails for $1.99 CAD or $1.61 USD and the fly can be found here. 



Royal Coachman Fly 

image of royal coachman fly

The Royal Coachman is a fly I use out on the water every week. It is a very common fly that every angler will use. It retails for $1.99 CAD or $1.61 USD and the fly can be found here. 



Fly cases make for perfect gifts as well. Us anglers need cases so that our flies are organized and dry.  


Waterproof Fly Case with Clear Lid 

image of clear lid fly case

This waterproof case holds 121 different flies. Made from ABS plastic with tight rubber gaskets, this case will keep the flies dry. Retailing for $17.99 CAD or $14.57 USD and the case can be found here. 



Large Waterproof Fly Case 

image of clear lid fly case large

This waterproof case holds 636 flies which is perfect for anglers that have a large number of flies to store. Slit foam on both sides and the clear lid makes this a great case for storing and keeping the flies dry. The fly case retails for $89.99 CAD or $72.91 USD and it can be found here. 



The water can be hot and bright which causes pretty bad sunburns. A lightweight stylish face shield mask is perfect for protecting the face from the sun and it helps to keep the face cool on those hot days. 


Face Shield Mask 

image of face mask shield fly fishing

This tubular bandana works amazing as a face shield. I personally use this exact one when I am out on the water. This face mask is lightweight and comfortable. It wicks away moisture, dries quickly, and breathes well. For the price, it makes for a perfect smaller gift. Retailing at $14.99 CAD or $12.15 USD and the bandana can be found here. 



Every angler will also need different accessories that they will use each and every time that they are out on the water.  


5 Pack of Leaders 

image of fly fishing leaders 5 pack

These 5 packs of leaders are perfect gifts. I go through 1-3 of these leaders every time I am out on the water. If you are not sure on the size to buy, a common size that will work well is the 9FT 4X-6LBS. The 5 packs of leaders retail for $12.99 CAD or $10.52 USD and they can be found here. 


112 Round Split Shot Weights 

image of round split shot weights

Anglers need their flies to sink and applying these small weights are what does just that! This variety pack offers 4 different sizes of weights and there are 112 weights in the case. Retailing for $11.99 CAD or $9.71 USD, these weights are a perfect small gift for the fly fisher in your life. The weight set can be found here. 



There are larger items you can purchase, such as fly rods, reels, waders, vests, nets, and other gear, but I find that most of the time the angler likes to choose those items out for themselves. The reason for that usually comes down to personal preference and what feels best for that specific person. Rods and reels have weight factors that need to be factored in and matched together.  

Buying a gift for a friend or loved one should be easy and you shouldn’t have to worry if the person will like the gift or not. The items mentioned in this blog are simple and very useful for all anglers. I am sure they will be happy with whatever item you choose!  



If you like reading about fly fishing, our Zinger Fishing blog has a wide variety of different articles. We cover places to fish, what patterns to use, techniques, gear, and everything else to help fellow anglers land more fish in their nets.