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Ice Fishing for Pike at Chip Lake Alberta

A few of us from Zinger Fishing headed out to Chip Lake on Christmas Eve to try and land some northern pike and burbot. Let’s just say that we didn’t choose the warmest day to head out. Temperatures were hitting -35C or -31F. There was around 5-7 inches of ice on the lake, so we were safe to fish and use the ski-doo to get to the fishing hole! Between the three of us that went, we caught 50 northern pike in 5 hours. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch any burbot.

This blog will touch on the location of Chip Lake, fish species, and what lures and bait to use to catch fish. Let’s dive in!


Where is Chip Lake?

The place we parked at Chip Lake is approximately 1 hour and 33 min west of Edmonton (139km).

Chip Lake is situated a few minutes west of a small town called Wildwood, just north of highway 16.

The road off the highway to where we parked is gravel but short.

This Google link below will take you to where we parked.


Is there phone service?

Yes. There is decent phone service at Chip Lake, but it is best to let someone know when you will be checking in with them. Ice fishing can be dangerous due to the ice breaking and the cold weather.


What species of fish are in Chip Lake?

Northern pike and burbot. Friends of ours have caught pike over 20 pounds in Chip Lake. The largest pike of the 50 that we caught was 8.5 pounds. The lake is quite shallow everywhere we fished, so you can often see the fish swimming around.


What lures and bait to use?

We found that large black jigs with black steel heads and long rubber tails worked the best. Add a small piece of a smelt to the hook and you are set!

When fishing for pike and other large fish, you want to use a steel leader so that the pike doesn’t cut your line, resulting in you losing your hook and the fish.


How to fish?

We found the best way to attract the pike and provoke a strike was to jig the hook up and down quite a bit, then when we seen a fish, we would hold the hook still. Often, the pike would hit the hook even when we were moving it as pike like to strike hard sometimes.


Where to fish on the lake?

Chip Lake is a decent sized lake, but we had good luck on the west side. We were fishing in 3-5 feet of water, but it was very murky, so we couldn’t see the bottom.


Overall experience ice fishing Chip Lake

Anytime you can head out and catch 50 pike in 5 hours, it is a good experience. We will definitely be heading back to Chip Lake this winter to catch some more! Hopefully we will see you there!


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