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The Baile’s Panther Creek Hopper is a step up from normal hoppers. The foam body will keep it afloat all day, but the deer hair will give it the natural look that fish go crazy for! The rubber legs provide lots of movement in the water to give it plenty of action and the bright colors make the hopper stand out well. 

With the bright colored hoppers, make sure to use them when the water is clear on a sunny day. They are often used well with hopper dropper rig setups, but if you are fishing in the late summer when the grasshoppers are out in droves, then you can fish it by itself and you will have plenty of luck. 

Make sure that you are using a thicker leader when using hoppers as you will often be catching larger sized fish due to the size of the hoppers. Hoppers are great if a light or heavy rain just occurred, you will notice many natural insects in the water. As a fly fishing angler, it is always your job to be matching the insect hatch. If you would like to learn more about hatches, you can check out the Zinger Fishing blog post on them. It can be found here.