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The Black Caddis is a tried and true oldie that works magic. Caddisflies are found in pretty much every water source there is. The simple black fly pattern matches a multitude of caddis hatches. There are multiple stages to the caddis hatch, but this fly pattern is best fished as a dry fly.  

I personally carry 3 flies in both sizes every time I head out because I use them so frequently. Many fly fishing anglers give emphases on stonefly and mayfly hatches, often leaving out the caddis. Caddisflies are very common and because of that, they are my favorite to imitate.  

I try and use a thinner leader to give the Black Caddis the best presentation possible. A little flotant doesn’t hurt, as we want it to stay afloat. They can be a tad bit tricky to spot on the water due to their dark color, but if you wear colored glasses, you shouldn’t have any issues.