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The Black Hair Olive Body Emerger is in the top of the emerger pattern class. The simple colors on this fly will imitate many different species of insects as they are emerging from nymphs to adult surface insects. Darker patterns like these are best for murkier types of water.  

Emergers are best fished at and just below the surface of the water. They can be fished under the water similar to a nymph while using weights to help sink it. Emerger patterns are becoming more and more popular with fly fishing anglers due to their ability to catch fish.  

When I run a 2-hook setup, I normally always have an emerger on top, keeping my nymph on the bottom. Strike indicators are perfect when using emergers below the surface to help let you know when a fish takes it! Emergers can also be fished the way you would fish a dry fly on the surface. Remember, emergers are imitating insects emerging into adult flies that will fly away from the water.