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The White Grasshopper pattern is perfect for when the grasshoppers are out in full force. It can also be used effectively in a hopper dropper rig setup with nymphs or wet flies underneath. The white foam belly will help this fly stay afloat very well. 

The best places to fish hoppers are near the shorelines. When it rains, grasshoppers often get swept into the water or they will accidently land in the water themselves. They can be fished in calm or moving water. You will want to keep tension on your fly line and don’t be afraid to strip a little bit giving the fly some action.  

Hoppers are great for when you want to try multiple hooks. I will often fish with 3 different fly hooks at the same time. The hopper on top and 2 different wet flies or nymphs below. The hopper will act as your strike indicator, and you’d be surprised at how often fish will bite this hopper!