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The Back In Black Midge not only sounds cool, but it is an incredibly effective fly pattern to land all types and sizes of fish. Many fly fishing anglers don’t seem to believe in how well midges work because of how tiny the hooks can be. We here at Zinger Fishing are constantly catching multipound fish off midges. This midge hook is very plain Jane, and we want it that way. It will imitate the insects at their larva stage at the floor of the water source. Once the midge starts floating toward the surface, this is when you will want more flashy patterns. The white top on the black body is just enough to attract those big brown trout. 

When fishing with these midges, remember to use thinner tippet to provide the right movement for your midge. I like to place a few small split shots about 8 or so inches above my midge, and strike indicators are a big player when fishing with midges so I highly recommend using them.