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The Bow River Worm is a very simple but extremely effective fly hook. A red wire is tied around the hook and a little fabric is tied in the middle. Every angler needs a variety of these in their fly box, especially if they are doing any type of river fishing. Having at least 3 different sizes would be key. 

The people here at Zinger Fishing spend many hours down at the Bow River, near Calgary, Alberta. The Bow River Worm is our first hook of choice if there isn’t a noticeable hatch going on. We catch rainbow and brown trout constantly on these worms. 

The worm is a type of nymph, so it should be fished the same way you would a nymph. Keeping the worm just off the floor to about 18-inches. You can fish it higher if the fish are not taking it towards the bottom. The worms can be used in all types of currents.