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The Black Beed Chironomid is a favorite among fly fishing enthusiasts. With the black wire twisted around the colorful body, this chironomid is a perfect choice when fishing for trout of all sizes. You will want to have multiple different sizes of these chironomids in your fly fishing box to match the size of the naturals.  

Chironomids are the main food source for fish. This means that you will want to be fishing chironomids regularly when you are at the lake or river. When I first started out, I focused on dry fly fishing mainly. When I started adding wet flies and nymphs into my fishing routine, I started to catch a boat load more fish! 

Fishing chironomids will take some time getting used to. How fast you retrieve your line and the more natural you can make it look, will be the difference between catching lot’s or only a few fish. I usually use chironomids when fishing for different species of trout as they feast on them during the different hatches.