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The Black Rubber Leg Stonefly works very well for nymphing. The rubber legs provide a magnitude of action in the water which helps to attract the fish. The flashy back will also draw in those big bass and trout.  

This fly fishing pattern is great for cloudy days and murky water. It is used best when a stonefly hatch is happening. When you get to your water source, look in the water at what type of insects are emerging or floating on top. The Black Rubber Leg Stonefly imitates a large number of stonefly species, making it a go to fly hook for anglers.  

I caught a gorgeous 3lb rainbow trout out of the Bow River two weeks ago on this very fly. A simple cast into the seam of the river, letting it drift down stream with the current, and STRIKE! I was using a 3-hook setup in murky water and the rainbows couldn’t get enough of this fly pattern.