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Carbon Fiber Fishing Net

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The net comes with a deep rubber netting area, so you can catch larger fish without worrying about the fish flopping out. The rubber net is hook/snag free. It keeps the fish safe for catch and release; Non-absorbent rubber also prevents the net from waterlogging or odor absorption.

The floating design makes it easy to retrieve in case the net is dropped into the water, so you'll never have to worry about losing it to the bottom of the lake or river! The carbon fiber frame makes the net very light weight which is perfect for long days on the water. Total weight is only 12oz or 336 grams.

The net comes with a quick release leash that is 40.6cm - 16in long. It stretches out to 91.4cm - 36in long which comes in handy when you have it hooked to your vest or backpack.