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The Green Redbutt Chironomid is the Christmas looking hook all fly fishing anglers need in their fly case. With multiple sizes to choose from, you will be sure to match the hatch that is happening at your local water source.  

Matching the hatch can be simple some days and quite difficult on other days. Often you will need to use trial and error when trying to figure out what the fish are biting. I would suggest always having at least 10 different chironomid patterns. By having a larger number of fly patterns, you will drastically increase your chance of matching the hatch and this will mean catching more fish.  

A fishing style anglers use when fishing chironomids is to let it sit in slow moving or still water. The hook will move around slightly, imitating natural pupae. Pupae takes a long time to travel from the floor to the surface, which is why letting your hook sit in one place can work. Any depth of water is fine when fishing chironomids. If you are wanting to give this style a try, I would suggest using a strike indicator for depth control and for indication when the fish bites.