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The Holo Blended Chironomid is perfect for the darker water days. The olive color of the fly will match many different hatches that you will find on rivers and in lakes. Chironomids are meant to be simple as their sole purpose is to imitate pupa as it emerges to the surface.  

Grab your fishing net and give it a good scoop in the water. Try to find different pupae and see if you have the right chironomid fly to match it. This fly pattern works like a charm as it imitates a large number of pupae. There are over 2500 different types of chironomids living in freshwaters. 

There are numerous ways to fly fish chironomids, but one of my favorites is to cast it out with a few weights. You will want your hook to sink and to hit bottom or close to. Once it hits bottom, start retrieving the fly line. This will make your fly hook look as natural as possible. Move your indicator accordingly to change the depth that you want you chironomid to be placed at.