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The Mouse fly pattern is one of the most fun patterns there are to fish. When it comes to mouse patterns, you will want a high-quality tied fly. Zinger Fishing only sells professionally hand tied flies giving our customers the best chance at catching those trophy fish. There is a clear weed guard attached to the bottom of this fly that helps with not getting snagged.

The mouse will attract large brown trout and rainbow trout. Normally, you will want to use the mouse pattern as it starts to get dark or very early in the morning. Mouse patterns are fished similar to hopper patterns as they work well near the banks.  

Mouse patterns are generally larger, so use thicker leaders and you may also want to use a little flotant on the mouse to help keep it from sinking. You can let the mouse float calmly or you can strip line slowly to give it some action. Natural mice will be moving if they are in the water, so you want to imitate with your mouse what the naturals would be doing.