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These streamers come with two hooks, hooked together with a wire cable. The wire cable gives the tail of the streamer lots of action while it's being stripped through the water. Its action imitates a baitfish, attracting all kinds of species of fish.

There are Anglers that can't get enough of Streamer fishing. It can be one of the most exciting methods of fly fishing as it is very involved and usually produces violent strikes when a fish decides to take the fly.

How to fish Olive Streamers:

It's time for you to switch to your streamer spool when you don't see any rises or the speed of the streams and rivers are too slow. There are a few key tips to streamer fishing. Getting your fly down as fast as possible is key. Using a sink tip fly line or a heavy split shot will do the trick. Keep your rod tip down it will help you with getting your flies down deeper. Also, let the hook sink for 2 to 3 seconds. Lots of anglers don't mend their streamers, throw one mend downstream after a couple of seconds and pause. It will let the current pull the streamer downstream and bring out that fish of a lifetime. When it comes to stripping try multiple different ways throughout the day. A great way to start is with fast 6 inch strips. You can't strip line as fast as a fish can swim. There is no such thing as too fast.

Tandem Hook Size: 8