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The Orange is the New Black is just an all around cool fly pattern. When fly fishing with the foam Orange is the New Black Hopper, you will want to be near banks and shorelines and this fly is best used in the summer and fall months. The fish that love biting this fly are mainly trout, bass, and panfish.  

It is great to use as a hopper dropper rig with a small nymph. A hopper dropper rig is usually a dry fly on top of the water, with a trailing submersed nymph trailing below. 

This fly pattern is resembling a few different grasshopper species and other terrestrial insects. The bright orange is a flashy indicator which is sure to get the attention of the fish. Because it is so bright, it can also be used as an indicator for the angler. If the fish bites the nymph, the bright indicator will drop so you know exactly when to set the hook.  

You can use this setup at any time of the day. You will notice the fish will take the hopper more often than the nymph towards the later hours of the day.  Hook size 10.