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The Orange Rubber Worm Jig is almost cheating when it comes to fly fishing. They imitate the natural worms very well which will increase the number of fish on the end of your line. The bright orange color is best for bright days, fishing in clean and clear water. 

Aquatic worms are feasted on by fish all year round. The worms are normally found subsurface in or near mud by the shorelines. Normally, we will see worms after a good rainfall, so this is the ideal time to utilize the worm fly patterns.  

You will want to fish worms the same way you would nymphs, close to the bottom and in dead drifts. Keep a little tension on your line making sure to keep up with the drift. Try to place your worms in those areas that fish like to hang out in. Near big rocks, under trees and docks, and in the seam of the river. You will likely need to add some split shots to your line to help the worm sink.