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The Orange Rubber Worm Tungsten Head works as a very good attractor. The bright orange rubber provides plenty of action in the water, making it irresistible for those big trout. Worm patterns work very well in all water sources, but my favorite place are rivers.  

Add a few split shots to your leader and you will be off to the races. I fish rubber worms the same way I fish nymphs, 6-12 inches off the bottom. Strike indicators work great to help you with depth control, and they also help your worm to have a nice drift as it heads down the current.  

Worms are great for after rainfalls, but they also work well with winter snow run offs. Worms work so well that my buddy insists on using them every time we head out on a fishing trip. Rubber worms catch lots of fish when used in a hopper dropper rig setup.