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The Red Body Silver Head Chironomid is a classic fly pattern for catching your favorite trout and bass. The simplicity of the hook with the red body will imitate the pupa so you will have better chances at catching more fish on your fly rod. 

Trout will go crazy for different chironomid patterns starting in the spring due to the warming of the water in lakes and rivers. These warmer conditions are when chironomid pupae begin to hatch. Typically, at the beginning of the hatches, you will want to use smaller midge patterns from #18 to #22. As the hatch continues, you can start using larger hook sizes.  

A great way to fly fish a chironomid pattern is to float your line using a strike indicator. You are wanting to imitate pupa as it floats from the floor to the surface of the water. Cast your line out and let your fly sink, then start to slowly retrieve your line, a few inches at a time, keeping tension on your line. You can fish chironomids in a few feet of water all the way to 30 feet.