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The Tan H Tandem Streamer is perfect if you are looking to catch the largest fish in the water. This hand tied streamer is designed to imitate baitfish, meaning a smaller fish that the larger fish like to feed on. The tandem hook doubles up the chances of landing one of these monster fish in your net.  

This streamer works awesome for catching trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, steelhead, pike, walleye, crappie, salmon, and goldeye.  

Using streamer flies while fishing can make for some of the most exciting moments on a fly rod. Hungry and predatory fish will strike streamers hard and vigorously, making the catch that much better. 

The best time to use these streamer flies are when the water is murky or deep, there has been a recent rainstorm, and if there are not any noticeable insects around. 

The best place to be fishing these streamers are behind large rocks, around submerged logs and trees, under banks, in the seams of the currents, and in deeper areas of water.  

The streamer is meant to sink a little bit. You are wanting the fish to notice your fly. 

Streamers are heavier types of flies, so casting them properly is particularly important. The weight of your fly will be heavier than the line that it is connected to. The angler must now accommodate this change of weight. You will want to be a little upstream of the fishing hole or current. Start off by picking your target, the exact place you want your fly to land. You will want tension on the fly before sending it forward, keeping in mind that the weight of the fly will help push it forward very easily. Then comes the most important part of the cast, keeping the rod tip high. By keeping your tip up, it allows the fly to go further and to land nice and gently in the water, making it look as realistic as possible. Hook size 4.