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The Woolly Bugger fly is the most recognizable, and likely the most commonly fished streamer fly ever tied. The Woolly Bugger fly attracts fish in all types of water and water sources, including: fast or slow water, clean and dirty water, rivers, ponds, lakes, and spring creeks.

A great way to fish the Woolly Bugger is on its own, by trolling with it on lakes or ponds. My favorite is banking it off of trees or grass, on the banks of rivers and streams. Another way we use them is in euro nymphing rig setups or Czech nymphing setups.

The Olive and Black Woolly Bugger imitates crayfish, minnows, leeches, and many other natural foods that trout love. This streamer fly fishing pattern is a classic that you simply can't be without. I suggest having a minimum of 3 in your fly fishing case at all times.