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The Yellow Drake Foam Body Spinner works very well. Natural yellow drakes take a long time and make a lot of commotion trying to get off the water, which will attract the fish and make them strike your fly!

The dun is not considered as important or effective as the emergers or the spinners, but they will certainly catch trout. It is easier to see the take during the low light conditions or at night using this large dry fly, than it is the emerger, and you may very well end up catching more fish on the dun than the emerger because of that.

The hatch is best on cool, dry days. On cloudy days, the duns may emerge all day long.

When fishing the yellow drake fly pattern, you are better off waiting for a trout to start feeding within casting distance and then making your presentation. By doing this, you will avoid spooking the fish with this larger dry fly pattern.

A down and across presentation to a feeding trout would be the ideal situation, but be careful fishing at night. While standing in the middle of the river, don't forget your headlamps. The foam fly pattern floats very well helping you see the fly on cloudy or dark nights.

 Unlike other mayflies in the Ephemera family, which hatch from the water in a flurry over a week, the Yellow Drake will emerge over a month, providing nearly constant action for the fly angler! This fly is a must-have in your fly fishing box. You don't want to be on the river when the yellow drake hatch is on without one of these yellow drakes.