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The Yellow Head Silver Bead Chironomid is a very cool fly pattern, due to the extensive detail of the fly. The dark zebra body with the flashy gold sides are sure to attract those trophy trout.  

Chironomids and midges are meant to imitate the food source that trout eat the most of, which are pupae. That’s right, fish eat more of these insects than anything else. If you are not fishing with chironomids yet, I highly suggest you give it a try. 

A great way to fish with different chironomids is in still moving water. Usually, with still water, you would be thinking of using a dry fly on the surface, but with chironomids, we want the hook to sink to the bottom. Because still water won’t be moving your hook around all that much, you will need to make it look attractive to the fish. You can do this by slowly retrieving line. Pupae move slowly from the floor to the surface, so make sure to not retrieve too fast or your hook will not look natural.